Quick and Easy Angel Food Cake

I love to cook and don’t mind spending hours in the kitchen, but sometimes it’s fun just to make something quick and tasty for a family treat or an afternoon barbecue on the fly. I made about 60 of these working in the banquet kitchen at work the other day and while doing and I thought what a great idea to pass along.

I used a purchased angel food cake from Publix, if you can’t find one, an angel food cake mix is also easy to make.

To start, cut a piece of parchment paper about a foot long and then cut it into 3 equal size pieces. Place them around the edges of a plate, I used a favorite dinner plate. Gently remove the cake from the package and place on top of the parchment strips.


The topping can be homemade whipped cream or non-dairy whipped topping of your choice. Cool Whip comes in every combination now, fat-free, low-fat, regular. I used whipped cream which is also a good choice, but it doesn’t hold as long. Chill your mixing bowl in the fridge until its very cold. Mix the whipped cream, 1/2 tsp. of vanilla extract and a few tbs. of sugar in a blender using a blender and the whisk attachment until stiff peaks are formed.

It’s best to frost the cake in two coats. Using a spatula, coat the cake with the whip cream lightly, this is called a crumb coat. Wipe any crumbs off the spatula, and coat the cake again, much more generously. Carefully remove the parchment paper strips and the plate will be clean. The cake can be decorated with berries for a more formal look, or sprinkles, chocolate, m & m’s, use your imagination!


Happy Spring!