New Arrival and June in Chicago

I am thrilled to write about my trip to Chicago and my new grandson, Leo. He is adorable and so good natured. I have spent the past week in Chicago with my daughter Abbie, her husband Punky and baby Leo. It is so easy to forget how tiny a new baby is but the memories come back quickly.

baby leo

Chicago, is a beautiful, vibrant city the Buhr family lives just north of Lincoln Park in East Lakeview by Wrigley Field. Unofficially, the neighborhood is called Boystown, home to many gay couples, and was the first officially recognized gay village in the United States.


Chicago also has the best pizza ever. Bricks, in Lincoln Park is a favorite. The sauce is incredible, which makes all the difference between good pizza and great pizza.

The kids apartment in Chicago is in a Greystone from the 1890’s. Chicago’s Greystones define historic Chicago neighborhoods in a manner similar to way Brownstones define neighborhoods in Brooklyn, N.Y. Abbie and I added a little garden color to their front porch.


My son-in-law, Punky is a virtual baby whisperer. He has an uncanny ability to calm a fussy Leo!

punky leo

It was difficult to leave everyone behind and go home, but I am grateful to have had these wonderful days in Chicago and am looking forward to seeing Leo and his family again very soon!


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